Pretty much daily I will experience some kind of misunderstanding or assumption about my sight loss.

I speak only for myself when I say that I am more than happy for people to ask me questions so that I can help them to understand. I’m not offended or angered by questions or by misunderstandings – I know that it will help me and thousands others in the long run if more people ask and begin to understand.
My aim is to educate and to spread awareness of the spectrum of sight loss and to change preconceptions of what blind and partially sighted people achieve and what they look like, and to change attitudes towards blindness, sight loss and accessibility.

You wouldn’t know to look at me that there is anything wrong with my eyes. But every day I experience something I can’t access or use due to my sight loss, even though I am confident in explaining it and use lots of technology to help me. This is why I want the public to become more educated about accessibility and to raise awareness of sight conditions and to help people understand, so that they can be accommodating and so that together, we can make the world accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted.

So please do ask me questions, please talk about sight loss and help to raise awareness.