Over 1 billion people in the world have some form of disability. Yet research released by The Valuable 500 initiative, led by Caroline Casey, reveals that the majority of global senior executives rarely or never discuss disability on their leadership agendas, meaning that businesses are undervaluing and underestimating disability. They are missing out on the huge business opportunity that disabled people offer to them.

In 2018, “600,000 people in the UK were eating a vegan diet” and 90% of people asked in the UK considered it “easier to eat vegan today than 10 years ago,”, due to the “increased social presence of veganism in the UK.”

However, a human rights report in 2017 showed that the lives of disabled people in Britain (all thirteen million of us) has barely progressed in 20 years.

“The report, which covers six key areas of life, finds that disabled people in Britain are experiencing disadvantages in all of them.” .
Although there has been significant change in that time in terms of laws protecting disabled people’s rights, disabled people in the UK are “still not being treated as equal citizens and continue to be denied the opportunities and outcomes non-disabled people take for granted.”

We can’t hide and we can’t be ignored